‘All I Want for Christmas’ Carpool Karaoke

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James caps off 2016 with a Christmas edition of Carpool Karaoke featuring Mariah Carey, Adele, Lady Gaga and other guests throughout the year to sing Mariah’s classic “All I Want for Christmas Is You.”

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42 Responses to “‘All I Want for Christmas’ Carpool Karaoke”

  1. Tony, The Stark says:

    Holy crap! Let me just talk about the effort to make this video. He recorded this song with every guest beforehand.

  2. Stephen LeBlanc says:

    James, your a STAR Baby!

  3. Rowen FTW says:

    If You Subscribe To Me I Will Subscribe Back!

  4. Allen99ify says:

    Get Ready In 2017 For My Fifth & Final EP "V"

  5. هل هل تعلم says:

    WTF?? I was expecting a full Mariah Carey Holiday Karaoke!

  6. Giovanni Provenzano says:

    everyone has whatched thid video beacause in the pic there are two big boobs

  7. TEAMWOLFY 19 says:

    She wants her voice back

  8. Michael Sanon says:

    Dem titties doe mmmmmm

  9. Daniela De Oliveira says:

    I love it!

  10. Arturo Gómez says:


  11. CaptainSprinkles1985 says:

    just came here for the boobs

  12. FLOREZ says:

    you gotta admit, you didn't expect all these singers in one video

  13. dulce k (UrbanBeauty24) says:

    i was waiting for 1d to pop up smh lovely anyways!

  14. AlanWalkerFan says:

    Mariah is a fucking whore.

  15. Jesper Hudson says:

    I'm so boring with the first line . " Oh…..thank you so for much for helping me with this traffic"…… wtf 🖕

  16. Lolipop Mello says:

    love amei <3

  17. CarolAnn Titus says:

    her dress though

  18. XxDiegoxX Vita says:

    I was trying to see if she was wearing a necklace, but her boobs kept getting in the way😂

  19. MetroInferious says:


  20. Francisco Fuentealba says:

    YEAAAH Adele and Gaga omg they should collaborate!!!!

  21. Susan Munywoki says:

    Shout out to Mariah for writing the most festive Christmas song of the past 2 decades, and one the best of all time #genius

  22. Ren Rocker says:

    funny how Madana wasn't in it

  23. Félix N. Raleigh says:

    Where is Madonna? Lol

  24. Tiya Yempati says:

    i want a full cover of all of them doing this song

  25. Carly 14 says:

    she barely sings on her carpools

  26. ka os says:

    gaga <3

  27. Chalk Plays says:

    My dad said if this comment gets a thousand likes he'll get me the Jordan retro 11s I really want them

  28. Kim Watts says:

    clicked on the tit bait
    bait on the tit click

  29. Carly Beatz says:

    I don't do Christmas. This makes me want to. Oh dear. Oh dear indeed.

  30. Hee Siqueira says:


  31. Gabrielle Haynes says:

    Man I wish he included Bruno in this 😩

  32. Ayoub E says:

    that jonas dude looks he's got something else to do and cant wait to finish

  33. Parkerhouse 777 says:


  34. Brandon Bickford says:


  35. enrico malagueno says:

    men cant remove my eyes from mariah @#$%^ she still hot..merry xmas everyone..hohoho

  36. SaYber Scales says:

    Who called for this bitch again I don't know her? I been asking for bey since this show started tf

  37. Cindy González Martínez says:

    Aww, this Carpool karaoke, one of the best christmas gifts😍

  38. michael b says:

    So when's Craig Ferguson coming back?? When please?

  39. shauna mcguigan says:


  40. S Sartini says:

    SIA didn't do this because… good for her.

  41. Deputy3204 says:

    He should have taken over for letterman instead of that other hack!

  42. Sarah Shruthi says:



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